Terrokar Forest and Mr. Pinchy


Deep below the waters around Skettis lurks Mr. Pinchy, waiting to catch the hooks of any angler foolish enough to fish in his lake.

Grab your fishing pole and bribe a mage, because today we’re heading to a series of small bodies of water in Terrokar Forest, just south of Shattrath City to hunt for the elusive Mr. Pinchy. This magical crawdad can be fished from any of the Highland Fishing Pools, which are found in the series of lakes around the southern end of the zone.

However, be prepared to fish for several hours, Mr. Pinchy has a 0.2% drop chance, which means you’ll catch him in roughly 1 out of every 500 casts.

Once caught, Mr. Pinchy will grant you three wishes, one every 4 hours.

Maybe something good… maybe something bad… Mr. Pinchy does not know!

Each time you speak with him, one of 5 things will happen.

  • Mr. Pinchy fights by your side as a level 70 bodyguard for 10 minutes.
  • Mr. Pinchy becomes enraged and attacks you!
  • Mr. Pinchy gives you a 2 hour buff that grants 1,200 health.
  • Mr. Pinchy gives you 5 healing and 5 mana potions.
  • Mr. Pinchy gives you a magical crawdad box, containing a pet Pinchy of your own!

If Mr. Pinchy is generous and grants you a crawdad box, you’ll get your own tiny Mr. Pinchy to level and send into battle. But be warned, each time you catch him, he’ll only grant 3 wishes before escaping back to the murky depths.

Although the Burning Crusade was 10 years ago, Mr. Pinchy still lurks in the depths of Outland, waiting to be stumbled upon by foolish adventurers.


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