Old Ironforge

Beneath the Forge: Exploring Old Ironforge

Deep in the fiery heart of Ironforge, the earliest section of the city lies almost entirely abandoned. Old Ironforge, also known as The Hall of...

Stratholme or Deatholme, the inaccessible zone

In the northern reaches of the Eastern Kingdoms sits the city of Stratholme Once a border city of the Kingdom of Loarderon, Stratholme was infested...

Invincible’s Grave

Given as a gift to Prince Arthas Menthil on his 9th birthday, Invincible was a noble Loarderon steed. Trained by Arthas, the steed formed...
ruins of stormwind city

Hellscream’s Vision: Exploring the ruins of Stormwind City

During Mists of Pandaria, the Alliance and Horde united against the tyrannical Warchief Garrosh Hellscream; Driven mad by the heart of Y'Shaarj, he saw...
naxxramas interior

Inside Naxxramas: The hidden zone

The floating scourge necropolis of Naxxramas has been one of Warcraft's most famous raids ever since it's introduction in Vanilla, but few know it...
Culling of Stratholme Elders Square

Before the Culling: Exploring the Uncorrupted Plaguelands in the Culling of Stratholme

The Culling of Stratholme was Lordaeron's first major loss in the invasion of the Scourge. Tainted by plagued grain, the residents of Stratholme were...
Dalaran Arena

Beneath the Underbelly: Exploring the Secret Arena Below Dalaran

A video guide for this exploration can be found at entry #1 in Episode 1 of Five Minute Explorations, which is shown above. Hidden beneath...
aerie peak durnholde

Escaping Durnholde: A Journey Into Azeroth’s Past

Before he was Warchief of the Horde, Thrall was a slave in the Orcish internment camp of Durnholde Keep. The Bronze Dragonflight, working to...
ruins of the undercity

Beneath Lordaeron: Exploring the Ruins of the Undercity

The human city of Lordaeron has stood for centuries, once the capital of the Alliance, then the seat of the Forsaken, now a pile...
exploring ahn'qiraj

Above the Dunes: Uncovering the secrets of the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj

Somewhere deep beneath the deserts of Silithus, an Old God waits... Lying at the end of the sprawling silithid hive, the Old God C'Thun has...